Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sound of Music

Noah and Walt gave me the movie The Sound of Music on blu ray that had all of the extras with it.  It's funny because if you knew me in person, it wouldn't surprise you that I love that movie so much.  I wish that we could walk around singing "The Hills are Alive" all day when we are happy.  This innocence and "why can't we all just get along" mentality is good in so many ways, but in some situations it is good to be able to know that it isn't reality.  I think Noah helps me stay grounded and out of the clouds so much, and he never shies away from answering a question!  

Walt, Noah, and I watched it together, and since it was Walt's first time seeing it, I took this picture.  He loved eating apple and peanut butter while watching it.  Later he requested to turn on the movie, and he wanted to keep watching Julie Andrews sing "The Hills are Alive".  One of the first things he learned about the movie was the actress' name, so I think he is good to go!  

It is challenging, especially in today's world, to know how much to shield my child from.  I want to put him in a bubble away from all harm, but in the end would that protection cause him more harm?  I am praying to know where that line is because it is more important that we do as we are called to help him become a man of God who can lead his family.  That sentence is easy to write, but my mind is saying "woa!".  I know I can't do that!  God please give me the knowledge to know how to handle the small things, so that I can be better at the big things!.  

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  1. LOVE that movie! We have the song book and we sing the songs all the time -- Carter and I do a mean Edelweiss duet...

    That raising a godly man thing is an area that drives me to Jesus over and over again. Trust Him, and He will lead.


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