Sunday, August 12, 2012

Small Events and BIG Picture

Sometimes I look down at Walt and think "You are too big to be mine!".  He has grown so quickly, and I forget he is not my innocent little baby anymore.  Now-a-days his imagination is running wild, and his memory is incredible.  And he remembers what you said in previous days, so Noah and I have quickly learned not to say anything that we don't truly mean.  At the same time he has learned series of events, so "not now" is acceptable to him....which I LOVE.  I can say first you will take a nap, and then, you can go to Mimi's, and he gets it!  Parenting is tough, but Noah and I have learned that the more we communicate how we handle situations individually, we are on the same page a lot better than just trying to do it on our own.  We are still learning A LOT each day!!  I am so glad that God doesn't give us teenagers initially because I think that it's these days that slowly prepare us for what's coming.  Isn't that how God does it a lot?  I can't see the big picture like He does, so I handle each of the small ones as He has called me to live, and together they prepare me for something bigger.  I have been blessed the times He shows those to me, and others I continually have to trust with Him.  

During Walt's snack time I gave his toy Smurf, "Brainey",  a grape too!

Walt loved sharing his snack with his friend so much that the next morning Walt wanted a little bowl of oatmeal for his smurf too!
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  1. Love it! Only a fun-loving mama would give oatmeal to a Smurf!

  2. That smile is ADORABLE!


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