Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Celebrating Magdalena's birthday is always draining emotionally, but this week Walt's excitement over cake made it a little more light hearted.  My birthday is less than a week after Magdalena's birthday, and so we began to prep Walt that we were having more cake and celebrating again!  Birthdays just don't seem the same as when I was young and innocent.  That is what makes having kids around even more fun.....I get to be a kid again, even if it is for a moment.  And every year my age decreases in number instead of increases! :)  
The night before my birthday Walt's cousin had her birthday party.  Walt's finger is inching towards that cake!  

Walt and Noah made me breakfast the morning of my birthday!

Walt smiling for the picture was definitely part of my birthday present!  I love this sweet pic!  But it kept on getting better! We took our picture at the restaurant before we ate lunch together.  

What's a birthday without cake?  After lunch we went to Gigi's Cupcakes , and I got my free birthday cupcake!  And sharing it with my two favorite guys made it even more fun and delicious!

I couldn't believe it!  I got another smile!  

Because it was my birthday, I received the biggest hugs from each of my nieces and nephew!  Then,  they were great helpers at blowing out my candle and opening presents!
And of course my favorite cake is made by my mom - Strawberry!  Yummy!  

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  1. Fantastic pictures! You still look like a kid even if you don't feel like one -- so pretty! :D

  2. Happy Birthday Julie! Looks like your boys and the entire family did a great job of celebrating you!!! You ARE young, by the way!


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