Friday, August 10, 2012

Magdalena's Birthday Celebration

Our family loves to celebrate birthdays, and honoring Magdalena's day is always special.  Everyone wore pink, and we celebrated eating breakfast for dinner.  I am so thankful that I am able to share this day with my family.  It is our way of grieving on such a special day to us.  Noah and I talked all week to Walt about how it was going to be Magdalena's birthday, and that we would eat pink cupcakes!   He was so excited about the cupcakes, and then, it happened.  I knew it was going to happen soon because Walt catches on quickly.  As we talked about eating cupcakes for Magdalena's birthday, Walt asked "Where is Magdalena?".  My heart sank to the bottom of my toes, but I knew that this was it.  Noah and I choked up but explained that Magdalena was with Jesus, and that she would be celebrating there.  Even later he mentioned that Magdalena would be coming to the party, and I had to remind him that Magdalena wouldn't be able to come, so we would have to celebrate by eating a cupcake for her.  As I ran around the house preparing, trying to continue celebrating in my heart and not break down (yet), Walt asked again "Where's Magdalena?", and honestly at that point I looked at Walt's eyes, which are identical to Magdalena's, and I responded that he needed to go and talk with his Daddy.  Some times it is just hard to say aloud that she is not there with us, but at night when we read a bible story with Walt and we are discussing God, it is always easy to talk about that Jesus is our friend and Magdalena is with him now.  Explaining death is not easy, but now I know that I really want to pray that God will continue to open Walt to ask all of these questions, and maybe between both Noah and me, Walt will gradually be able to trust in God.

Missing my big girl.  Thankful for God's comfort.

Beuk, Barton (Beuk's fiancé), and Walt prepare apples and pink dip

Love our family picture together!  My men are so handsome!

Got to have cupcakes!

Everyone looks at Magdalena's photo books

Noah made the most amazing pink, chocolate chip pancakes

The cousins always have a blast together, especially on a birthday!

A silly picture!
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  1. Death is such an abstract thing to young children. He will get it eventually, but he will probably have to ask many times before he really grasps it. So glad y'all got to celebrate, and I love those pancakes! Love y'all!

  2. What a beautiful celebration for your sweet girl!
    As much as there is pain, there is a joyful celebration for a precious life.

    Love the picture of you with your boys, Julie! Great shot!


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