Thursday, August 16, 2012

Still Waiting

We are still waiting to see which baby God has planned for us to parent, and we won't have any more updates on it until we find out who he or she is!  Please pray for Noah and me because it is so hard waiting.  We were told from the beginning that this would be the hardest part, and our sweet social worker was right! Every time the phone rings we jump (just a little) at the possibility, and only God knows how much longer we have to wait.  Thank you so much for all the prayers you send up for us!
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  1. Girl, I can vouch that the waiting is the hardest part! Some days were wonderful and some I thought I would lose it. I kept the phone on my hip at all times...and even right next to the shower when I would get ready. Ha! But, I can also say that it was SO worth the wait! All those days of waiting literally went away, and I am now holding the child I have no doubt God knew we needed. Praying for you!

  2. Waiting with y'all in prayer! Cannot wait to meet the little one...


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