Friday, August 03, 2012

Magdalena's Rose

Since we are approaching the day that bittersweet day that we both celebrate the birth and mourn the loss of our sweet Magdalena I thought that I would share this picture my mom emailed me not too long ago.

After Magdalena died two friends sent us rose bushes to plant to honor her life, and since we were living in a temporary place, my mom planted the bushes in her yard for me until I was ready to take them wherever we decided to live.  Just a few weeks ago my mom sent me this picture of Magdalena's rose that bloomed.  My mom was sitting on her patio when she spotted it from afar, and said that it was like Magdalena smiling at her.  God's creation comforting us as we grieve.
We are not professional photographers, and most of our pictures are taken in the moment with  phone camera.  But we hope that you are still able to see the beauty in this picture. 
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  1. It is beautiful. So thankful for God's reminders of his love for us...


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