Monday, January 17, 2011

The Weekend

It seems as though the weekends fly by! Sometimes I look back and wonder "What did I accomplish this weekend?". This was one of those weekends that I felt like so many wonderful things took place, many of which could not have been planned. It began Saturday morning with a delicious chicken biscuit from Chic-fil-a and conversations with sweet neighbor friends. Then, I returned home to pull snot out of Walt's nose, and this was on going the entire weekend! Walt needed some more attention because when a person doesn't feel well there is nothing better than being held! As Walt took his morning nap I baked bread and ate a homemade chocolate chip cookie while drinking coffee in front of a fire that my husband built for me. Yes, it was still morning , which made the cookie taste even better!

Walt became a champ at having the snot pulled out of his nose that I am going to have to videotape it! I just smile at him with the red dragon in hand, and he sits there without screaming and lets me get it! Is this an age or personality thing? I find it amazing considering how many times we had to hold him down in the past to accomplish this task.

The weekend continued with seeing old friends, getting back in routine (excluding a few things), cooking, and baking! What a way to kick off the semester! So here we go! We are beginning a New Year and here are the things that I plan to do:

  • Cook New Dishes
  • Read The Bible in a year (through an organized plan)
  • Read more books! (not sure what my goal should be for this, yet)
  • Finish Walt's Baby Scrapbook (scrapbooking with a friend weekly)
  • Write more hand-written notes to friends
  • Get up earlier (This is happening now but I want to keep it going!)
God is continuing to bless us through the smallest things, and this weekend He gave us so much!!

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