Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Celebration of Life Video

So many of these pictures have memories behind them, so I had to share the video we played at Magdalena's Celebration of Life Service. It is kind of long, but I was thankful Pastor Pierce told me we could make it as long as we liked. There isn't a picture I could leave out! Just click on the following link. Thanks for sharing in this special time with me.

Magdalena's Celebration of Life Video

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  1. I love that video and the smiles at the end are priceless. She was able to do so much and I am just amazed by it!

  2. What a precious celebration! I remember the day well. Heaven certainly got sweeter that day. Praying for your family as you remember your sweet Magdalena.
    Dawn Jones

  3. Ken Pierce12:55 PM

    I am glad you made it as long as you liked! It was perfect: hopeful, sweet, and glorifying to God.


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