Monday, January 10, 2011


We were pleasantly surprised last year when we got a few inches of snow here, which is usually unseen, but this year we have been anticipating the return of that beautiful whiteness falling from the sky. The weather people told us that we were going to get our wish this past weekend, and along with snow we would have a "wintry mix". We got our flashlights ready (just in case), clothes washed, and made a pizza to be ready for our weather. It is Monday, and I have yet to see a snow flake. I was looking forward to Walt building a snowman, or really seeing Noah build one and Walt knock it down as the game goes with Walt's blocks. The streets were iced over yesterday, so we watched a televised sermon instead of driving to the church twenty minutes away that we have been attending.

A little Walt update: I wish that I could say that he is walking, but no, that has happened, yet. However, he does say his version of "all done" when he has finished eating. This has replaced whining about 70% of the time. And this morning on my coffee mug we worked on saying "HOT!", which he had a ton of fun with. I think that he will end up having conversations we us in a language we understand before he walks!

If you have been reading this blog since the beginning of its existence you know what is coming, so my posts may be a little more reminiscence, sad because although the day isn't quite here, the days leading up to it I think about how we had to say goodbye to our big girl. Honestly, it is a blessing to have these "sad" moments because they are memories not everyone is given. Noah and I were together and together we said goodbye. I will be forever grateful to God for that blessing. Please don't read the upcoming posts as simply sad days but sad days that are hopeful. They are not fully of despair because I know that she is with my Jesus. But God puts this love in a mother's heart and here it lies without her here. Noah and I always acknowledge these days in some way, but we haven't quite decided what we will do this year. Please pray for us as we approach our "Good-bye" day.

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  1. We had our hopes up for snow too and were disappointed, but I haven't given up on seeing some this winter. The snow last year came in March!

    Your goodbye day fell on the day that Addie had those casts removed (the ones that were supposed to make her stop walking on her tippy toes) and it was my sister's anniversary. I always think about Magdalena as I turn the page to a new year and start to write things on my calendar. And I pray for y'all in the days leading up to it just because it is so marked in my memory as well. Magdalena was such a blessing and continues to be and I am thankful for the hope that you and Noah have.


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