Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The reason we read books by those who have lost a child isn't so that we can cry more, although we do, but it is so that you can feel understood. We read that someone has the same emotions, so we are not crazy! Also, it is encouraging to see how those who have lost deal with the pain and that they do in fact survive. Mary Beth Chapman's Choosing to SEE isn't just for people who have lost a child, it is encouraging for anyone who is struggling with God's plan for their life when so many "bad" things come with it. She definitely lets us all get a peak into the closet that so many of us, including myself, try to keep the door locked. I was thankful to have received this book as a Christmas gift so that I could take my time reading it, and although it will bring tears to your eyes should you choose to read it, it will leave you feeling hopeful. That is why we read books written by grieving parents. I too need to be reminded of the hope that I have in Christ, especially on days when my grief may be more overwhelming than the other days. My prayer and hope for writing on this blog is so that someone may be encouraged and reminded of the hope we have in Christ just as I am when I read other's writings and dive in the The Bible.
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  1. This has been one of my favorite books since our losses. Now that we are on the road of international adoption, I need to read it again! She is so honest and transparent. I laughed so hard at parts (like the rafting adventure) and cried with her too.

  2. I have heard Steve and Mary Beth personally testify at a women of faith conference. Their faith is so amazing. Like they said Only God can bring us through trials like these!


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