Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Walt's First Beach Trip

This past week, Noah's family took their annual Florida beach trip, which took Walt by surprise. First, we went to celebrate Walt's great-grandma's 90th birthday, and while there Walt charmed all of his new friends with his big smile and sweet personality. After two days there, we loaded up again for a long trip to Florida, and Walt did not complain a bit, but was happy to be there. Knowing his personality, I never expected Walt to dislike the beach. I brought Pedialyte thinking that he would put it all in his mouth, and he would end up with a stomach ache. Between the sun and the sound of the waves, Walt was very unhappy at the beach, so after a few times we gave up. But one evening we went out much later in the day, and this is when Walt explored the sand, which he ended up enjoying!

Now we are back in the swing of things. I can't express enough how I love being at home with my sweet little man all throughout the day. He is such a blessing to have to fill the house up with his squeals, laughter, and tears. He has begun to crawl all over the house, stand up, and before I know it he will be walking. How did he grow up so fast? I do miss my sweet little man being all baby and needed me much more than he does now, but this is such a fun stage too. Each stage will be fun, but they go by too quickly! Noah is preparing for his month of Greek, which will begin in July. Even with preparing, we still get to have him around for play time much more than during the busy school year, and this has been such a refreshing time for our family.

Here Walt realizes that he actually does like the sand

Right before Walt burst into tears

Grandma and us celebrating

Traveling little man

Oh, how we love him!


  1. What a special trip! Walt is such a precious baby and I bet he brings so much joy to your life!

    Do you remember where you found his sun hat? The brim looks larger than I've found at Target or Walmart...

  2. Precious!!! I love that last picture!!! Poor boy, maybe as he gets a bit older he'll appreciate the ocean!!!

  3. he is such a handsome guy!!!
    Hope you enjoyed yourselves.


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