Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Siesta Bible Study

Through the Baby Be Blessed Blog I found out about a cool bible study that has happened for the past two summers. Beth Moore does not write the books, but she facilitates online for small groups everywhere. It isn't too late to join! You can do it alone, but accountability in small groups helps for us all to stay on track! It is a six week study through the book of Ruth using a workbook by Kelly Minter from The Living Room Series titled Ruth:Loss, Love, & Legacy. Beth Moore posts a video with questions for you personally or for the group to discuss every two weeks, and if you are interested, and haven't bought your book, Chapter 1 is online! Have I put enough links up here for you, yet? Sorry about that, but there is just so much information out there!

Interested? Go to the Living Proof Ministries Blog and watch the introduction video! I am looking forward to going through this study! Just as it is stressed in this introduction, it is important that we stay in the word!


  1. Thanks for all the info about the Bible Study. I have been wanting to take one of these online so signed up tonight.

  2. LOVE this!!! Thanks!!!!!!


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