Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Last Sunday I began my start on posting weekly discussions on the book One Year of Hope, but because this Sunday is very special I wanted to take this post to acknowledge two very important men. I will continue my weekly discussions on Monday morning!

My dad helped to form me into the person that I am and who I want to be in the future. He is an amazing man and set the standard for all future men to follow in my life, and I had once been told that I set the bar too high. It wasn't too high, but it was the exactly 5 feet 10 inches tall for Noah to walk right through and steal my heart away. I love to watch him with my children, and although he denies it, he is an amazing daddy. I watch him loving my children, and I know that God has blessed them more than they realize right now. I love you, Baby, and after years of marriage and losing Magdalena, you still make me giddy. I love you more each day!! Happy Father's Day!

Thank you, Andrea, for allowing me to post this picture of Magdalena and Noah on my blog! Because these days are so special but a bit sensitive to us, I gave Noah a copy of this picture tonight instead of tomorrow. He likes to have his children in his office!
Walt is excited to celebrate his first father's day with his daddy, and he has something to give him also!

Look at this picture of my dad and me. Can you see it? Look more closely. Do you know what the secret is that this picture shows?
I am a daddy's girl through and through.


  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Anything to do with the number of animals on Walts onesie?!

  2. Don't get any ideas just yet! Good guess though! However, Noah pointed out that I had put that sentence too close to the Walt picture when I meant for it to be with the picture of my dad and me with the answer below the picture! I am sorry for the misplacement of it!!

  3. Julie, God has certainly blessed you with two amazing men (and one little one!) in your life.

    Looks like everyone had a wonderful Father's Day. Love the pictures you posted. Precious!


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