Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweet Blog Friends

Since Magdalena has been here in my life and on this blog so many of my sweet blog friends have sent me things. After she passed away I got some special items to help to have a tangible memory of her. I don't know if I posted these items on the blog, but they are still so precious to me. About a month ago I received a package from Kyla who had my family on her heart. Every time I see it I will think of the family God has blessed me with, but also, I will remember my sweet blog friends who have been there with me in my greatest sorrow and rejoiced with God's amazing blessings. Thank you, Kyla, for remembering us and taking the time to send this special gift to us! I do want to add that the entire placing of the figurines was how she had imagined it, and I love it!
Our family of four

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