Monday, June 28, 2010

Our New Adventure

Noah and I struggled so much with me returning to work next year full-time. We feel called to begin Joy in the Morning and to raise Walt, but with Noah being in seminary, it has been impossible for me to stay at home. Last week, my work called me to sign my contract for the upcoming year, and so began our prayer journey. We struggled with it for days, and within 2-days time, work became available for me to teach classes online for a local community college! What a cool God thing! We have such a peace about this decision. There are still so many unknowns, but we are trusting in God's promises for us as He leads us in this new direction. Today we let go of financial security, and we are following where God will lead us. It is exciting, which is why I will call this "Our New Adventure". Today, Joy in the Morning made one step forward. Please pray for Noah and me as we make decisions. Right now, we are planning to use GriefShare as one of the ways we could reach out to hurting parents.

Through blogging, we have come into contact with so many hurting hearts who have lost a child. God has laid it upon our hearts to begin "Joy in the Morning", which is based upon Psalm 30:5, to offer support and hope to those who have lost a child. One way we are beginning is by giving me the time to commit to it (leaving a full-time job), and now we will begin to raise awareness and support to get the wheels moving. This blog is going to become one of the most important tools to glorify God by reaching out to those who are suffering. This is the reason I want to attend the Relevant 2010 conference in October. One of the sponsors, Country Bob's, is giving away one ticket, and here I am writing the reason I want to go: to show others who are hurting to their deep cores the hope that can be found in Jesus Christ through this blog. It is a really neat way to truly maximize all of this cool technology to make more of an impact in the world, and it all comes from a Christian perspective!

Thank you to Country Bob's for giving me the chance to win this ticket! They sent me two bottles of their fabulous sauce. You can check them out on Facebook and Twitter. I recommend baking chicken with the sauce and create a fiesta salad! YUMMMMY
"It is my new favorite sauce. It is better than John Boy and Billy Grillin' Sauce!" - Noah Roberts
We are looking forward to grilling out some burgers with this new, fabulous sauce!


  1. Congrats, Julie! We're going to miss you at NWR, but I am so glad that all worked out for you. Where are you teaching? Hey, I've been meaning to tell, Amy Hunt, and Casey Tuminello are doing the Ruth Bible study, too. We meet on Tuesdays in various locations...each other's homes, the park with the kids, etc. If you don't have a group you'll already committed to, you are more than welcome to join us!

  2. That's awesome, Julie! That's been a favorite verse of yours for a long time. I hope you get to go! Love, Meghan

  3. Love and prayers to you all. Chin up and don't be surprised for answered prayers.

  4. Julie, you know I've been praying! And will continue. I like to call it "flying without a net" when you let go of the financial security. But of course, that's really not accurate because it's more like being "belayed from behind" on a ropes course. You can't feel the rope holding you there, but it's there. Just remember that God has been there this whole time and He's not going anywhere..


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