Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Walt Update

Walt is keeping us busy this summer, and he is into everything! He will be running around soon! In case you haven't hear, GYMBOREE is having their big sale! We got lots of winter clothes for him at Wal-mart prices! Thanks to all of the family members that are giving the clothes to him as a birthday gift! He is going to be looking stylish this fall and winter in his new wardrobe.

Here is Walt eating his first bitter biscuit.
You can tell that we were watching the World Cup at the same time!

His favorite part is the huge mess the biscuit makes!

Going swimming for the first time! He is loving to float!

Family picture in the pool

This was taken the following day on Father's Day when our family came over to celebrate the dads. Here is Papa swimming with the kids.


  1. LOVE him enjoying his biscuit!!! Too cute!!!

    I think I need a floaty thing like he has...that looks awesome!

  2. Walt is a funny man. And he looks like wherever he goes he spreads the enthusiasm!


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