Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas

My mom has done so well about creating traditions in our lives so that each year we can look forward to them.  It usually includes a food or how we open our presents.  We always take a break for a snack or dessert.  Because of these traditions I will have so many treasured memories for the rest of my life. 

In the past we have spent Christmas Eve at my Grandmom's house, but with her no longer with us we did something different.  Early in the day I went to Magdalena's grave.  A lot of times we go as a family, but this year I was glad to get the chance to go by myself.  I needed to say some things out loud to her, and if people are around there is never the chance to do it.  Christmas just isn't the same without my big girl.

Noah and I were honored to have my parents come and eat dinner with us.  We all went to church and had a laid back sort of meal.  Then, we sat down to read a book for Walt to go to bed.  He always enjoys having his Mimi and Papa over!  He showed them his favorite books!  

This has been the year of trains for Walt.  There is one near our house that passes by, and he enjoys his daddy taking him to watch it along with lining up his toy cars forming a train.  We were so excited that he was going to be getting a train table for Christmas!  The night before Christmas Eve Noah had put together the table together, and then, on Christmas Eve Papa enthusiastically helped to build the tracks while Mimi organized a few of her last Christmas gifts!

It turned out exactly how I had imagined it!  After it was put together, I wrapped it so that he could have a present to open.

Walt continues to enjoy the train table, and he has played with it constantly over the last few days.  I think that this will be the gift that he can play with for many many years!  At the moment he was just as excited about ripping the paper to find the train set as he was moments later as he discovered his stocking filled with 250 suckers!

I had to take this picture of Lori and me because we both wore the same scarf and earrings on Christmas day!  Great minds think alike!

I love my sweet niece, Laura!  Kids are so much fun on the holidays....maybe it is all the sugar they are eating!

The siblings opening a gift!

Walt received some fun Mater toys!  He was good about waiting for his turn to open up his presents, but it was really hard to wait!

Walt shows off his new slips and Mater pillow pal as he plays with his train!  The day after Christmas we did stay in our p.j.s for a good bit of time.
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