Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Cousin Bond

The cousins went to see Arthur Christmas with Mimi, and they rocked the house with their dance moves!  First, my mom had the best idea by sitting in the far back so that we wouldn't disturb anyone but the kids could still be kids.  They had candy and snacks the entire movie, and then, to top it off they hand dance time when everyone had left the theater!  

I love how much my older nieces look after Walt.  He looks up to them so much, and they always keep their eye on him.  

Walt does not like characters of any sort, so why do you see this huge grin on his face?  He is with his cousins, of course!  He doesn't need Santa when he has Emma and Caroline (Laura and Landon too!  They are just not in the picture.).  On this particular night he shopped with his cousins, drank hot chocolate, and ate hamburgers and cookies.
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