Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sweet Reminders

Over the last few days I have had sweet reminders of my grandparents.  Every night before Walt gets tucked into bed, it has become our routine for just the two of us to snuggle in an arm chair and read a book.  Walt picks the book out for us.  On this particular night he chose the following book that he had found on the shelf. I got choked when I realized Grandmom and Granddad had given it to me when I was his age. Now, I love to write in books so that I can remember when I gave them to Walt.  Maybe one day he will have this same moment.

Memaw passed away last December, and we had not gotten rid of all of her things, and so, this past weekend we had a garage sale with all of the doo dads (does any other family use that word?) that we would not be keeping.  We found this train, and I put it under my tree.  Walt and I discussed how delicate it is, and he is so good about lightly playing with it, and he always returns it to the right location.  Memaw would love watching him enjoy this train.
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