Friday, February 20, 2009

To be Truly Loved

In so many of the sweet emails and comments that I have read, people have spoken of their children loving Magdalena. For the longest time this baffled my mind because I wish that I could keep the pain of losing someone from an innocent child, and I wondered how parents explain this to someone so young. Even though my nieces understanding of death should have clued me in on why it is easier for a child to accept death than an adult, it took some time for it to truly sink in. Certain days, Caroline may want to hear Magdalena's song (made by "Songs of Love"), but it is just too hard. I just can't do it. And I realized that they may miss Magdalena, but they only think about how happy she must be in heaven, and every time they think of her they immediately have heaven thoughts. How amazing! I know that their hearts don't feel heavy, weighed down with the tears, because their faith is that God is amazing and Magdalena is with Him. As an adult it is much harder to give my baby up that easily some days. But God loves us more than we love our own children, a love too great to truly understand.

Many mothers who have lost a child know this song, but it truly is a good reminder that God is there in our grief to comfort and love us. He shall not leave us.

Isaiah 49: 13

Sing for joy, O heavens, and exult, O earth; break forth, O mountains, into singing! For the Lord has comforted his people and will have compassion on his afflicted.


  1. I am always thankful for the way little ones simply express and accept their faith. Oh, to be able to be like a child again...

  2. Anonymous4:36 PM


    I, like you, am so thankful for the child-like faith that Caroline and Emma have! Thank you for sharing that beautiful song that I hope is reassuring to you and Noah and your parents,and entire family.

  3. I love you Julie!!

  4. Anonymous9:17 PM

    My MIL explained to me that not only do small children have child-like faith, when they think of death, they do not associate it with themselves - they have no fear of it like many adults do.

  5. I believe this is why Jesus tells us to come to Him as little children. We need that child-like trust and faith in our Lord.
    Definitely something to strive for.

    Thank you for sharing Ms. Grant's beautiful song.

    Prayers continue!

  6. Hi. I noticed the pop tops for Ronald McDonald house in your sidebar. I am a school librarian and have a big box full that my students have brought in. Can I send them anywhere in Magdelena's name. I would love to do this. Please send me information and I will send them. My email

  7. My oldest was about 3 years old when my grandmother passed away. So many people wondered why he knew she was gone and it was final (so many tell kids they are sleeping or going away for a while). But my husband and I felt that it was very important for our children to understand death because that is our earthly end and beginning of our eternity, whereever that eternity may be, and that gives so much of a need for Jesus as our get that and they need to be given more credit than most people give them. Just thought I would share our parenting perspecitve. I love you sweet friend!



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