Thursday, January 08, 2009

March for Babies T-Shirt

Thanks to a very generous donation by our t-shirt maker/ we have gorgeous shirts for our walk, and 100% of the money given for the shirts goes to March of Dimes. We want to get the order in early so you can wear them with pride for awareness or to walk in. They cost $15 for adult sizes. (But you can give a larger amount since all money goes to MOD!!) You can order a child's size for $10, but be aware the format is not smaller on child sizes! If you would like one mailed to you I will need to check on shipping prices....I am thinking that it would cost about $3 per a shirt but we can always try to send it with someone who is heading in your direction! Email me if you are interested!


  1. I love the shirt...I definatly want one. size large...I can get it from you at some point. no need to ship and i will deposit the money under your team goal.

  2. Thanks for supporting such a good cause. There's a March for Babies video on youtube;


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