Sunday, December 14, 2008

To Mimi's House She Goes

Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayers and won with thanks. -Thomas Goodwin

Magdalena was so sweet last night and gave us a full nights sleep! I was surprised at the time when I woke up, and even then she wasn't crying. She was just a little restless like she was getting hungry, a problem that is easily fixable.

Yesterday Noah and I had to go somewhere that we preferred that Magdalena not make the drive. I cannot tell you where because it is the time of year where there are many secrets that will be revealed in the future, so I will let you know after Christmas. My mom had been wanting to keep Magdalena at her house for some time, but I was just not ready to let go. But because of our errand, we decided to ask Mimi to babysit Magdalena during the day, and of course, she didn't even have to think about it. The entire night before I kept second guessing our decision. Not because my mom is incapable of caring for Magdalena, far from it, but that I just didn't want to leave her for such a long period of time without Noah or me. In the end we decided to take her to her Mimi's house, and we carried her heart monitor, oxygen....everything. Although Magdalena has been doing well we did not want to take a risk. We went through all of the many instructions with my mom before leaving, and I have to admit that my heart just broke. I just didn't think I could leave her, but after shedding a few tears and giving her tons of kisses, I left her snuggling with her Mimi, who would spoil her as much as I do.
I called often to check on Magdalena, and my mom always had her phone nearby, which I made sure of before I left. Once feeling comfortable, Noah and I also had a nice lunch together. Just the two of us. This had not been done in so long, so we decided to try a new type of food, Greek, and the food was so good as well as the time with my husband. We got all that we needed to get done, and we were happy to see our sweet Magdalena once again.

She had a wonderful time with her Mimi playing with Christmas lights, taking a bath, and snuggling. There were so many new things for her to look at while she was there that I know that she had a wonderful time. My mom was so overwhelmed with emotion after the day because she loves taking care of her grandbabies, and we just never knew for sure if Magdalena would have that same special time with her Mimi as all the others do. But she did, and she felt that strong Mimi love.
Of course I left my camera so that we could have lots of pictures from her day at Mim's house.
This picture is from Friday after she had pulled her tube out. She was so happy lying her mommy's and daddy's bed. You can see me in the corner trying to keep "resting my eyes".
Here she is on the same morning. Still happy. Sucking on her arm. Sometimes she gets to her thumb and other times she is satisfied with the entire hand.
Magdalena is so happy about going to Mimi's house! Look at that face!
We got a picture of our family before leaving.
Caroline, Magdalena's cousin, loves her so much! She came over to help Mimi, and she is always such a big help.
After a bath, Mimi and Magdalena snuggled and napped.
Even when we arrived to pick her up, she continued to stare at all of the Christmas lights.


  1. I cannot get over....what appears to be chub...on this little one! She is so sweet...

  2. I love all the pictures. The words are always so great to read but the pictures hold so many words also. I am glad you and Noah had special time together! Can't wait to hear about the mystery destination! She looks like she was well cared for in your absence. Thank you for keeping us update, she is looking so wonderful. Annabel has been away from me this weekend and I am about to leave to get her. They leave the hugest whole in our lives, don't they.

  3. It's so good to see Magdalena gaining weight! I pray for you frequently.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Adorable pictures or an adorable girlie. She is so alert and just taking in the world around her. I think the first time leaving your baby is hard for any mom even when the baby has no health issues...and even when its with Grandma. Totally normal ;) I'm planning to leave my 23 month old (will be 25 mo. then) with his cousins for a week while I go to Mexico in Feb (taking a work team down to an orphanage). I'm a nervous wreck about it already. Not because I don't think he will be looked after but because he is such a mamas boy and it will be hard on both of us. You did well to get out for the day...its good for the two of you and Magdalena had a good time by the looks of it.

  5. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Hi Julie--

    You may remember me as Delaney Reed (daughter of Donna Reed, who taught with Mrs. Dalma)--many a play time shared with you and your sisters in our Eastside neighborhood! I just want you to know that I have been so touched and often brought to tears after reading your meaningfully humbling and sincere posts about your beautiful daughter. You write so beautifully and you are such a loving, compassionate and devoted mom. I think your daughter is so precious, and I pray she has a healthy life and feels all the love from those around her, which is so evident by the pictures and messages on this blog. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and I pray the Lord continues to bless you and yours throughout the new year.

    Much love and support,

    Delaney Reed Warren
    Knoxville, TN

  6. She is getting so big!!MErry Chirstmas to you all

  7. Thank for sharing! I know how hard it is to leave your baby but I don't know what it is like to leave your baby when you have to worry about her medically also!! I am so glad everyone had a good time!! You need that.

    It is looking to me like Magdalena is putting on some weight!! How fun!!

    I hope you have a very blessed Christmas!!

  8. Julie, I can't believe how much Magdalena has filled out. She is just precious. I know you are loving watching her grow. I love keeping up with all the new things she is doing. Hope y'all have a Merry Christmas!!!

  9. What a fortunate Grandma (Mimi) to spend such special time with her beautiful grandgirl(s)!

    Magdalena looks so alert and aware of all that goes on around her. Just takes it all in.

    Thank you for sharing your special day with all of us!


  10. So glad you guys got some time alone together even though it is so hard leaving your precious babe. And I agree with Amber- that's the first thing I thought when I looked at the pictures-- she's filling out so wonderfully! I love that she is getting that baby chubiness on her!


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