Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Things

Today Magdalena went to see her first movie in the theaters, BOLT!! Noah and I had already seen the movie, so I wasn't sad that I missed out on the first half of it. The beginning time of the movie was the same as Magdalena's feeding time. The point of going was to be there to celebrate Emma's fifth birthday, and her excitement that Magdalena was there made us so happy. Also, getting to the movie theater made a first for our family. It was the first time that I have driven that long of a distance without a backseat rider to watch Magdalena. After Christmas Noah and I went to buy a few things for her, a humidifier, small spoons to fit in her tiny mouth, bibs, a mirror for me to watch her while I drive, etc. So with the help of the mirror Magdalena and I made a safe drive to watch Bolt.

Here is a picture of Magdalena eating rice cereal for the first time. Although it looks like it, she isn't crying, but she is giving that uncertain look about that weird feeling in her mouth.


  1. I love the picture and glad she is doing this so early. In my book, she is advanced for a T18, yippee! Did anyone mention the Maroon Spoon to you? It is for special needs and slightly shallow spoon. We still use the small one and I just order pkg. online. But it looks like she does great with reg. spoon. Our speech path told us about this spoon.

  2. The Bernard Bunch
    loves Magdalena
    You are a sweetheart
    a blessing
    a miracle
    and a pure joy
    Thank you for sharing your precious daughter this way

  3. First movie theater experience! What fun!!!

  4. Your baby girl is so precious. I know it is so hard not to sit and cuddle with her 24/7. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  5. Precious. May God bless you and Magdalena in this coming year.

  6. I just so thought about Magdalena when I saw these dolls .. http://www.babybeblesseddolls.com/

    Have a blessed New Year!!

  7. I am thrilled that she is growing so much and now being such a big girl and eating rice cereal! Praise GOD from whom all blessing flow!

  8. So many great things happening. What a beauty she is!

  9. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Happy New Year to your wonderful family!

    Christy, Patrick, and Liam


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