Thursday, December 04, 2008

Happy 120 Days, Magdalena!

Yes, our eight pound, beautiful, strong daughter is 120 days old today! I think that both Magdalena and I knew that today was special because I woke up early just thinking about it, and she did the same! Eat a scoop of ice cream (or a drop of Mylacon) in honor of Magdalena today!

Yesterday Magdalena had her eye doctor check-up appointment. While in the NICU the eye doctor did not see any problems, but wanted to continue to check on Magdalena as she became older to be sure that everything continued to be fine. And so far Magdalena is doing fine. The doctor did some basic tests, and Magdalena was such a sweet, big girl the entire time! Even while the nurse put drops in her eyes and through the entire visit, she did not cry one time! We were such proud parents!

After the doctor's visit we went to the NICU to visit one of Magdalena's favorite nurses while she was in the NICU, Nurse Diane. I am sure that you remember her from posts my sister wrote while I was in the hospital. She was the nurse who was in delivery room, so she has been there since day one! Thanks for all that you did for Magdalena, me, and our entire family, Diane!

Dr. M checking Magdalena's vision
Magdalena being a big girl!
Magdalena and Nurse Diane catching up on what's been happening after so long!


  1. Amazed that little Magdalena is already 8 pounds! That is wonderful! Give her a hug for me!
    Happy 120 days old!!!

  2. Look at her focusing in on the nurse. I don't want this to sound like I am giving advice but I want to know if she sleeps with her eyes slightly opened. Annabel does and always has. Until her last check up at 3 yrs. I mentioned this and the Dr. commented that she had scarring beginning on her right eye. She gave us ointment to place into her eye before sleep. Since I waited 3 yrs. to comment to our dr. I just wanted to say if she is sleeping with them slightly open it can cause drying and you might want to mention to eye dr.
    She looks so wonderful and I check on her daily.

  3. Happy 120 days!! She is such a little doll in the photos. she looks to intently at things and seems so curious witht he world around her.

  4. I don't even remember how I found your blog, but each and every day, all the celebrations of Magdalena's life, I celebrate with you. She is truly a testament to life and to love and to the power of a little girl who wants to do both. Your family inspires me even more to celebrate each and every day with my children as well. Thank you for that, and God bless.

    Happy 120 days Magdalena!!! You are truly a miracle!!!

  5. Praising God for each of Magdalena's 120 days and thanking Him in advance for more than we can dream or imagine.

    She is sooooo adorable. I cannot imagine how happy nurse Diane must have been to see your little princess.

    May God continue to bless your sweet family!

  6. happy 12o big amazing!

  7. What a doll! Praise God for an amazing 120 days. Happy Birthday big girl!

  8. Happy 120th day to you all! And did that big spinny thing make your eyes go all crazy? I just do not understand that thing!

  9. Hey, I just found you through Finding Normal and I wanted to say a big huge CONGRATS for 120 days!!! That's awesome!

  10. Julie- I have been following your blog now for a while and love to see how precious Magdalena has been growing. I have been collecting pop-tops for Magdalena. Can you please let me know where I could send them to so that it can be given in her honor? Thanks Katie Gray

  11. Congrats! I wandered over from Finding Normal. My kids HATE going to the eye doctor and were NEVER cooperative in the NICU or after...I'm very impressed with your big girl!! :)

  12. Julie, you don't know me, but I went to high school with Noah. My family and I pray for you all each day, and we love to read your updates about your lovely Magdalena. It's so wonderful that she's doing so well! We're also collecting pop tabs. Do I take them to the local RMH and tell them who I'm donating for?


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