Saturday, May 14, 2011

Walt's Emma

We had an amazing weekend full of fun! It began on Friday morning with breakfast with friends and Walt playing in the dirt, and then, after a good nap, we went to see Walt's cousin's end of the year musical. Walt acted at home in the school playing on the lighted floor.

Walt is waiting for the performance to begin in his own chair.

Emma is the first one you see, and as she walked out her name was called. As soon as Walt spotted her, he yelled her name out too. She blushed a bit because it embarrassed her. She does love her Walt though.

As soon as Emma got to the stage, Walt attempted to wiggle down so that he could run to her. His Mimi was able to keep him content through the music until the end when he could finally see Emma face-to-face.

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  1. So sweet. Walt can dig up the dirt at my house any time!

  2. Janet2:11 AM

    He is so cute! Sage does that also, she yelled out for her big sister at her 6th grade graduation in a gym full of people! And she does it at church when my sister sings a special. I think everyone understands and thinks they are cute when they do stuff like that! They know they just love the person they are yelling for!


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