Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ready for Rest

It is that time of year that things are just busy. In preparation of a semester's end, Noah has been extremely busy, so we are all exhausted and ready for rest. Last night, both Walt and I had a very low key evening while Noah helped with the senior banquet. I cooked a pizza in the oven, but I ended up burning my arm which caused me to drop the pizza all in the oven! I scraped it off to prevent further cooking, but no further clean up was done. It had just been a long day, so I sent a warning text to Noah about the huge mess, and that I would clean up in the morning. Walt and I were asleep before Noah came home, so it was morning when I opened the oven to show Noah the mess, it was no longer there. Noah said the oven fairy must have come. :) I definitely have the sweetest husband ever! I was able to bake some of my yummy muffins without the huge pizza smell. Then, Noah was off again to help with a the seniors again at their graduation. He should be completely finished with the semester by Wednesday, and we are ready! I am trying to think of something fun to do to celebrate the completion of another semester! This time next year Noah will be the graduate!

Walt is a little sponge soaking up the world around him. He surprises me each day with a few new words, and he is singing what he can of "happy birthday" and "Mimi and Papa". "Mimi and Papa" is a song that I made up to sing when we are on our way to their house. He can't get all of the words sung, but it is definitely clear that he is trying!

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