Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sweet Grace Update

I just read this on http://giftsfromgrace.blogspot.com/ and wanted to share what Grace's Mommy, Karen, wrote. Please pray for this special baby tomorrow! There is good news, but she still needs prayer!

"We received Grace's MRI results tonight. Amazingly, and because of the God we serve, Grace's prognosis is much better than expected! The encephalocele (I hope I don't ever have to see that word again!!!) contains mostly CSF and only a very small portion of brain tissue (part of her cerebellum). The rest of her brain looked mostly normal...remember, she has been diagnosed with agenesis of the corpus callosum (this cannot be corrected). Grace will have surgery to remove the encephalocele tomorrow at 9:00 am. SO, the neurosurgeons are hopeful and optimistic that Grace will have quality of life and her functioning could be up to normal. She may still have developmental delays, but we trust that we are able of taking care of her!"

Prayer requests:
-pray for Grace tonight, as she will have to have an IV placed and be on IV fluids and antibiotics, as she can have nothing by mouth after midnight
-pray for Grace's surgeons tomorrow as they operate
-pray that there will be no complications
-pray for peace for us as we wait on Grace's surgery to be finished
-pray that Grace will get to come home as soon as possible

We love her forever. Chad and I could have never imagined the love we would have for her. We are spending our last night in the hospital with her as a family of three!

We are requesting no visitors tomorrow as we wait. We will have our immediate families and a few close friends only with us tomorrow. We will update as soon as possible.

Thank you for your prayers! We are amazed at our miracle baby!

Our precious miracle :)

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