Friday, March 11, 2011

Grace Update

Especially after writing the news on Jaxton, I am happy to bring you an update on Grace. God shows us Himself through so many situations, and we don't understand how is working. But we can live with the hope in His promises. He does not leave nor forsake us, and His ways are perfect.

Here is what her mommy wrote on her blog as an update.

"We are loving every minute holding our precious Grace like a "normal" baby now! It is amazing! She is doing great! Yesterday, we spent about six hours holding her. Her incision looks great, and her doctors are very happy with how she is doing. We got there and found a sweet pink bow in her hair, thanks to her nurse! They extubated her early yesterday morning, and her vital signs and labs have been great. They discontinued all her IVs except for one, which was giving her IV fluids to keep her hydrated. We got to feed her for the first time after surgery around 2:00 pm yesterday. She did great! She took two ounces! Her Nanny and Pawpaw got to visit with her some yesterday too. We are so happy with how Grace is doing! We may get to bring her home as early as next Wednesday! She is such a miracle, and all praise to our Father!"

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  1. I have a baby girl too. Her name is Grace Elyan and she was born 8-25-09 at 1-lb 1oz 10 1/2 inches long. She is now 18 1/2 months and doing great! She gets therapy and has overcome alot of challanges. She is our early Bird. By his Grace I can Hold my, Grace!


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