Friday, March 25, 2011

Cotton Balls

Earlier this week I gave away an incredible book, When Sinners Say I Do, to a reader of the blog. Noah and I are reading through it together, and it does a great job of focusing on getting back to the heart. I am sometimes amazed that we have been married for five years! For some that may seem like a short time, and I do agree, but they have been some condensed years between living in Mexico, seminary, and having two very special children. We have both learned a lot of good and "unique" things about one another, but, also, we have learned a lot of fun things.

I love finding great deals, and we go to some great lengths to saving our money in this house. If Noah goes to the store, I can usually tell him exactly where to go and which one to pick out, and unless stated, always go with generic. He was going to Wal-Mart for a battery, and he agreed to buy me some cotton balls, which I had continuously been forgetting to get. Because I rarely buy them, I didn't really give a description, or think that anything could go wrong. And nothing did go wrong. He brought home plenty of cotton balls, 400 of them! As soon as I saw the bag I laughed asking him why he bought so many. It is hard for me to describe how huge this bag is, and I am laughing now picturing him checking out with a little watch battery and a HUGE bag of cotton balls.

His response to the question was even funnier. He said he was staring at the little and big bag trying to figure out which was the better deal. Then, an episode of Seinfeld, Noah's favorite T.V. show, came to him where Jerry points out that women leave cotton balls everywhere and use them for everything. He figured that I would need the bigger bag.

Maybe you guys aren't laughing, but it was a funny night in our house, and as I try to work my way through 400 cotton balls I will laugh every time. I am blessed to have a man who puts up with all of my sins and gives me a good laugh with cotton balls.

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  1. emilyjacks5:46 PM

    What a thoughtful husband! :o)


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