Monday, November 15, 2010

My smiling little man

I don't know what made me decide Saturday night to begin editing my Magdalena photos, but I did, and it continued through Sunday. There are so many that I still have not finished. I am getting them ready to be put in a photo book one day, if I can get the nerve to make it. Well, you can imagine what that does to my heart. It pulled it down. Do you know how hard it is to be in the same room with your spouse when you are mad at them? (or maybe it is just me and my temper) Well, that is how I felt with God today. I miss her. She looked just like Walt.

Then, God smiled at me today. He smiled at me through my little man. We laid for at least 5 minutes on the ground laughing at him putting his hand in my mouth. Laughing is not an adequate word because he was hysterical. Then, for another 5 minutes we laughed at me putting my hand in his mouth. He laughed and laughed which made me laugh. If I had moved for a moment to get a camera, the moment would have been lost. So we laughed together, and I knew that this would be a moment that I would remember forever. God gave me the greatest gift through my little man. I always know this is my mind, but my heart needed a reminder today.

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  1. Julie:

    I'm so glad you have Walt to remind you of God's smile too. I still look at the pictures of your children on my fridge and say a prayer for all of you...


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