Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas has arrived

With our bellies full of turkey Noah and I pulled out our Christmas decorations. Last year I bought a little tree and small decorations so that Walt would really have a good Christmas, and I am glad that I made that small investment last year. Walt will love Christmas, and although I want to keep it as normal as possible for Noah and me, I can't bear to have Walt miss out on the part of the year that I used to anticipate all year round. I enjoy celebrating Christ's birth. Most of the season is focused on being around family, so this is such a bittersweet time for us. The first box that I opened had Magdalena's stocking right there on top. It was like ripping the band-aid off instead of slowly pealing it back. Then, I pulled out the ornament that the ladies at Sweet Dreams had given to her. Well, it took all I had not to stop there.

I am not antsy to play Christmas tunes, but I love what this time of the year signifies. Because Christ was born, I will be in heaven with Magdalena one day. The holidays are just tough though because we miss her celebrating with us. We are plowing through! The tree is up and the stockings have been hung. I will keep you updated on the rest of it all.

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