Thursday, October 28, 2010


Right now our house is busy! Noah is swamped at school because the end of a semester is approaching quickly, and there is still much to be done in so many of his classes! Walt and I savor every moment that we get to be with him right now! This past Thursday I was able to leave Walt at home so that I could go and spend some time with sweet baby Layne. Layne's mommy, Kristina, and I have been having coffee every week, and I was missing our time together! So with caffeine in hand we were able to chat while I got some snuggle time in with Layne. I have definitely forgotten what four pounds looks like because she is so tiny and sweet and a great little snuggler! It seems as though Layne may have her days and nights mixed up, so Kristina is up in the middle of the night. She enjoys this sweet time with Layne, but it makes it hard to be awake and alert during the day! Also, Layne went to see Dr. Brooks, who we love, and Layne loved her too! They were able to talk about feeding her a little more and all of the other details concerning her health. Please continue to pray for strength for this family as they continue to care for Layne.

Wild Walt is at such a fun age, and I am so thankful to be able to stay at home with him! Our daily adventures keep me on my toes! Here are some pics of some of them.

Walt showing us that he can pick up the instrument that he likes to play!

Walt's first time to color!

Walt was a strong little man getting 4 shots. He was much stronger than mommy! I wonder if him enjoying this toy means that he is a future doctor!

While in Houston I bought a bread machine, which I was very unsure about. Baking bread was something that I have avoided, but now, I am hooked! It is so simple, and it adds a personal touch to a meal for us or someone else. And most of all, it is tasty!
Here is the first loaf of wheat bread that I baked. I got the recipe here at the Money Saving Mom website.

Last night I made a homemade, bbq chicken pizza with Feta cheese. It was good, but I made way too much dough. It was really enough dough for 2 pizzas. Noah liked the pizza, but I couldn't really get a good taste because I was overwhelmed with the dough. I will try it again though!

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