Friday, October 15, 2010

Layne's Update for Day 2

Kris just called to give me a few updates, and so many of you have been praying for her so I had to share. They are many good things happening, but with these special, T18 babies, prayer is continually needed!

  • Layne is considered to have severe defects
  • For about 5 to 7 days after birth the lungs will contract to keep fluid out, but after this time the fluid will build up in her lungs
  • Layne attempted to take a bottle, but they had to quit because she turned blue. However, she regulated herself! (this a a great thing that she was able to do!)
  • After a few tries, they got the NG tube down, and she had 10 cc of formula. They have to wait to see how she tolerates the formula and the tube. If she tolerates it well, they will take out the IV.
  • Currently, Layne is not on any oxygen
  • Kris and Hamp stayed in the NICU for about 2 hours, but they left for Layne to rest
  • Kris met with the hospice nurse at the hospital (Pray as they make these arrangements!)

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  1. Praise God for day 2! What a privilege for you to meet Layne and to be a support to her family. She is beautiful. Give her mama a big hug from this t-18 mommy too. I'll be praying for them.


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