Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little Sully

Walt does not understand what is going on, yet, on October 31, so when he dresses up it is for Noah and me and for the sake of pictures. Thankfully, we have not invested a lot of money, if any, into costumes for him. Last year we found his monkey costume at Wal-Mart for $8, and this year we were able to borrow the Sully costume from my sister. My niece was born around the same time of year as Walt, and Lori was able to find this costume at Wal-mart when my niece was about a year old! Mosters Inc. was really popular at the time. What a deal! Cheap for her and free for me!! And look at how cute he was in the costume!!
We couldn't actually treak-or-treat when we arrived at Mimi's house because Walt was a little fussy, but once he had had some milk and graham crackers to eat, he "happily" got into his costume to get some candy! Can you believe he is already eating graham crackers? My mom is so good at helping me to let go and give him the next type of food. I always get so nervous! But really, he can eat just about anything now! He is cutting four upper teeth, and it is obvious that it hurts!

Walt is a fun happy kid, but his "off" days seem to land on the days we wish he would be in his fun mode so that he could enjoy the fun! He just had a different kind of fun. For the longest time he did not like the outside, fisher-price swing, but he decided on this particular night that he LOVED it and laughed the entire time!

One of the things that my mom has done with our family is have traditions, and on Halloween each year they make a big pot of Chili and everyone comes over to eat. It is just another way that she gives us time to reunite before the younger kids go do their on thing. (Other traditions include: red beans and rice on Superbowl night, blueberry muffins and chocolate milk while watching Thanksgiving parade)

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  1. Absolutely precious!

  2. Catching the costume on sweet little Walt!!! So sweet and he looks like he loved being in it!!

    Been praying for Layne and her family. Grateful that you are able to minister in such a precious way to them.


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