Monday, January 16, 2012

Magdalena's Funeral - Part 1

I am waiting on one more part to upload before I can post it all of Magdalena's funeral service, but I thought I would go ahead and post part 1 of it.  Be sure that you push pause on the blog music before you begin watching.  It brings me much happiness to share this with all of those who loved Magdalena while she was here, but could not attend.  After three years I have improved on my computer skills, and I know now how to divide and upload videos.

For me, the entire funeral was an out of body experience, and when I look back at the day there is so much that I don't even remember.  Out of everything that happened and all that was said, one thing I remember best is my sisters taking me to the mall the day she died to find something for the funeral.  We laughed.  I don't remember about what, but I do remember that we laughed.  We went to every store looking for something in the right shade of pink for all of us.  I don't remember anything else that was done or said that day except the fact that we laughed.  I wonder if they remember what it was about...

One of the songs played during the slide show was written for Magdalena by a non-profit organization called Songs of Love.  Her cousins loved this song,  and if you listen closely you might can here as they sung along to it.  Even later when Caroline would come to the house she would want to hear the song, and I just couldn't stand the pain of it.

I hope that you are blessed by the words said, songs sung, and pictures shown.  We wanted it to be a service full of hope.  It was definitely sad, but we wanted it to shed light on what an amazing daughter we had.

I love the end of the video because I bet Grandmom is making those faces at Magdalena in heaven right now.

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  1. It was one of the most memorable funerals I've ever been too. The Gospel was preached so soundly, and the video was beautiful. The worship at that funeral was incredible, and it was probably the only time in my life where my heart has been unbearably heavy, but still lifted by singing God's praises with so many others. I loved the way y'all chose everything so intentionally. A beautiful (doesn't even seem the right word but I can't think of a better one) service for such a beautiful girl.

  2. The celebration of your precious Magdalena again touches my heart. I remember how much I laughed and cried when you had your "Girls just want to have party" and celebrated all of Magdalena's milestones you shared.

    Yes, Julie your Grandmother and your girl are experiencing more fun and joy today, so much more than we can ever imagine and have no fewer days (to sing His praise) than when they first begun.

    Thank you for sharing so that I could again smile, laugh and cry along with you and admire yet again your amazing daughter.

    May God continue to bless you, Noah and Walt!!!

    1. Kathy, Thank you for always joining with us in celebrating her life and loving her!


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