Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Day is Coming

I feel it in my throat. The day is drawing near. It's true the days leading up to it are much worse than the actual day because you want to go into a time machine and relive the days that were there. Three years ago yesterday my sweet sisters, nieces, nephew, and mother came together for a movie night. We all watched Horton has a Who while everyone got some good snuggle time in with Magdalena. We just didn't know what was coming.

Some of our favorite Magdalena songs.  I don't mean to make you cry as I am now while I listen to these songs, but may we all praise our sweet God.  He gave us so much more than we ever could have imagined, but for all the days that I am on this earth I will miss her.  Just as Laura Story says in her song "Blessings", "the aching in this life is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can't satisfy".  Even now, my baby girl is teaching me more about God and the purpose for all of our lives. God is our peace.

I was pregnant with Magdalena when I bought Carrie Underwood's c.d.  I would ride to work praying that my little baby would be a girl while listening to this song.  After we got her diagnosis, I would cry to work while listening to this song because the song still rang so true to us.  She stole our hearts the moment she entered this world.  I can't hear this song without thinking of her.

My incredible big sister took off a day of work shortly after we brought Magdalena home and came over to play.  We learned a lot about how blogger worked that day, added a new template, and put a song on it, which was Miley Cyrus' "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".  We were having fun, so it fit for the day.  Before then, I really didn't realize that people actually read this blog cared.

We had this song playing during a slide show at Magdalena's funeral.  God has healed her to the utmost.  All of her itty bitty parts are working perfectly, and I picture her jumping up and down as she hears this song playing from my laptop right now.

A song of hope for both me and Noah.

When I heard this song on the radio for the first time, I found myself wailing in the car.  Stephen blessed our lives when he expressed in grief and hope in song.

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  1. Julie... My most fervent prayers are going with y'all as you walk through these days. Her initials are on my January calendar and ever time I walk out the back door, I see them and pray for y'all. Thank you for sharing this music. I had heard them all but the Carrie Underwood. I am always so thankful for the gift God has allowed us to have in music. It so often expresses things that I cannot say. Love y'all!


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