Thursday, January 05, 2012

Letters to God

Noah and I finally added a little entertainment to our lives by subscribing to Netflix, and so far, it has been proven to be an incredible value!  I have been wanting to see quite a few of the movies, but we have never wanted to buy them, and one of those was Letters to God.  Since God is incorporated in movies in ways that I don't agree, usually, I only looked at the cover of this particular movie.  I finally put it on my queue, where it didn't remain long before my curiosity had peaked.  I was blown away by this movie!  It is so strong in value and God!  I cried good tears for most of the movie, and, yet, I was still happy at the end of it that I had watched it.  A young boy fighting for his life with a terrible cancer impacts all those who encounter him through his relationship with God.  No one can look at this suffering boy without thinking of Jesus.  It was a boy who chose to live his life by glorifying God in all that he did, and in one way it was to write his prayers out in the form of letters which he mailed!  

Yes, you will cry when watching this movie, but it is definitely a must see movie!  

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