Thursday, June 16, 2011

To Make your Day!

Some days pass and I forget to thank God for my sweet Walt, but these pictures are a sweet reminder of God's mercy in my life.  A week (not exaggerating) after I said goodbye to Magdalena, I realized I would be saying hello to her little sibling soon.  I don't know why God chose this path for me, because with my human mind I would not recommend being pregnant so quickly after a loss, but that was God's plan for me.  There was worry, grief, love, and excitement all boiling over with pregnancy hormones.  Now, as I look in his eyes, give him hugs, play airplane, dry his tears, and so much more, I can see God's promises before me.  Walt was an unexpected gift that offered not just Noah and me, but our entire family hope.  God has not left us nor forsaken us.  God doesn't comfort all of us in the same way, but this is the way he has chosen to work in our lives.
Walt giving Mommy kisses

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  1. This post made me smile AND cry!

  2. It did make my day! He is beautiful - what an amazing blessing.


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