Sunday, June 26, 2011

Difficult Parenting

My little man is learning that he can go against us.  It used to be fun for him to obey, but now, he is testing out his power.  Instructing Walt is one of the most difficult things that I have ever had to do.  I am praying that God continues to mold me into being a better parent each day so that through his good days and ones full of sin, Walt can see me glorify God through my response to his behavior.  Noah is steady as a stream, but sometimes my angry can flare up faster than a forest fire.  Over the past five years God has done lots of work in my heart so that I communicate my frustrations more effectively instead of just getting mad.  Now, I am praying that God will allow me to communicate better to Walt his sin calmly so that he can make a rational choice, and if he makes the wrong one, he understands what his punishment will be.  Yet, at the same time, I have learned something VERY wise from my neighbor, which I have been pondering over the last week.  Sometimes Walt is being a kid and in his innocence doesn't understand that he is disobeying, and sometimes he does know it and chooses to do wrong to test out his limitations.  So basically in the five seconds following the act I have to make a decision on which of the two it was and how I will respond to it!  This is overwhelming!  Please pray that I have good discernment!  This stage has arrived before I realize it, and it reminds me of my need for Jesus. 
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  1. Julie, Thank you so much for commenting on Annabel's site. For a while now I have been feeling flat and therefore the blog reflects it. I had lost track of several blogs when my computer crashed and am so glad you commented so I can save the address. Walt is beautiful and growing so much. Magdalena, so sweet and precious just like her name. I don't know how one can become so attached when one has never met. Your pain to me was so much that I sometime questioned God! Really I know better but you pain was too much for someone like me to witness. Thank you for continuing to blog and I will be back. I siged up my email address so I can get notices when you update. I hope I did it right.

  2. Julie, you are at the beginning of such a long, joyous, challenging, transforming road. I have realized how much God reveals to me my sin in the reactions or expectations I have to my childrens' sin. It is so hard, but God made Walt YOUR son because of His perfect will. He gave Walt the mom and dad that could raise him the best way for God's glory. Continue to rely on grace. That will see you through...

  3. Parenting is definitely the most challenging but also the most rewarding job ever. I believe God allows us to be parents because it helps us to grow and also for a glimpse of His love for us.

    You and Noah are great parents, Julie and your love will cover the mistakes you unwittingly make. Prayer is your very best tool while fine tuning your sweet son.


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