Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My Dad's way of getting my attention has been an eyebrow raise, which means "watch out!".  It was a warning that I was about to be in trouble, but there came a point when I was in college where it was hard not to laugh a bit.  He still gives me his eyebrow raise, but now it is usually in good humor.  Although my eyebrows are better shaped due to waxing them, I have found myself doing the same thing to Walt!  As he enters into a territory of trouble, I raise my eyebrows and say "I don't think that is a wise decision.".  He doesn't understand the long sentence yet, but he does understand the eyebrow raise!  I hope that he doesn't catch on too soon and find it humorous!  I like that there can be a silent warning before I have to say something.
Walt will probably find himself doing the same thing one day because just like his big sis, he expresses himself with his eyebrows.  It is so cute!  Though sometimes when he gives certain expressions, it is heart wrenching because Magdalena used to give the same ones.
For years now, Noah and I have put off making photo albums and DVDs of our Magdalena memories, but lately we have been determined to do it.  I have been staring at those sweet little Magdalena eyes as I crop pictures and create albums, and this little memory came to my mind.
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  1. I do the "eyebrow thing" to Tehya and Sage as well! What a sweet thing for Walt and Magdalena to share. Thank you for sharing that memory. I am sure it must be hard to do the photos, but glad you could share that with us. Think of you often!


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