Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweet Hugs

Time is just flying by, and today I saw how much more grown-up Walt is. He crawled himself into the big chair at the table where I was writing cards. He sat there reading his book at the table. There is so much work that has be done each day that sometimes I forget to just sit and enjoy him. Us sitting together at the table reminded me to do just that, so Walt and I went into the living room and played until it was nap time. I have taught him how to hug, so as soon as I sat on the floor he came up to me and said "hug" while wrapping his little arms around me.

I am writing this short little blog to encourage all of us to sit still today and enjoy the gifts God has given us. Sometimes the day passes by with checking things off worrying over little things while losing sight of the bigger picture. Today I want to reevaluate my motives for all of the little things so that all I do may glorify God, which I am called to do on this earth.

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  1. Julie, this really spoke to me tonight, as it is a busy season in my life, and it has been on my heart and in my mind to "slow down". Doesn't matter if the calls don't get made or the housework doesn't get done,...there are bubbles to be blown, cows to go see (one of Sage's favorite things to do is go check on her cows!),and hugs to get!
    Thank you for the reminder!
    I always look forward to your post and find myself very encouraged by them.
    BTW,the spot outside your door for sweet Magdalena is beautiful and was a beautiful idea! Every time I have seen a pink flower since you posted pictures of the ones at Sam's I think of her!
    I wore my MOD shirt yesterday and as usual, someone asked about it. So, I got to share the story of your sweet girl. She truly IS touching lives all over the place!

  2. Thanks for the great reminder, Julie!

    Nothing like those little arms around your neck!!! So precious.


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