Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jumping Machine

I have just woken to extra strong coffee that my sweet husband made this morning. Between the gloomy weather and me being up late last night, I am slowly drinking it to attempt the wake up process. My entire life I have always required more than the average number of hours of sleep to be at my best, which, by the way, describes Walt too. Staying up late is not a good idea, but last night there was just no avoiding it. I love my work, and most of the time I can do it in small increments throughout the day when Walt is napping, but I have just not had the motivation nor the time to complete making my final exams. Well, the time sneaked by me, and before I knew it, my students are in their last few weeks of school. I was in my work mode last night, and so once I got started, I was determined to finish! I did, so every minute of lost sleep was worth it, but today is going to hurt! There is still much work to be done to finish up this semester and prepare for the next, but thankfully those can be done in small increments throughout the rest of this week and next.

Time flies by so quickly! Walt is saying so many words now, and he is ready to run off with the big kids! I wish time could stand still for just a little longer to enjoy this age because it is one of my favorites. Walt is not a perfect kid, but he is so sweet, and every moment I love him more! Also, he is looking more like his daddy. Below are some pictures from a cookout at the seminary where Noah attends. Walt LOVED the jumping machine so much that we could hardly get him out of it!
The music was coming from that direction, so he had to stop and clap.

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