Friday, February 18, 2011

Praying for Grace

Grace Elizabeth lacks just a few weeks from meeting her parents face to face. In October, at 22 weeks pregnant, Grace was diagnosed with Occipital Encephalocele. Please pray for the doctors as they do special procedures, and for Grace's family as they care for Grace and make decisions. Also, pray for Grace's momma healing because she will undergo a C-section. To read more about the special baby, their blog address is .

Here is Grace at 20 weeks and 1 day when she was diagnosed

Here is Grace at their 35 week doctor's visit

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  1. I am glad you posted this! I was going to email you and let you know about Karen and baby Grace. Karen and I were friends in junior high. I thought it may be good for her to talk to someone who's walked a simliar road with not knowing what to expect when your baby is born.

    I am continuing o pray for them and you!


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