Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Alyssa

Please pray for Baby Alyssa and her family as they provide special care for her. Here is what Alyssa's mommy, Heather, writes:

"We live in Utah. My husband, Jake, and I have 3 children: Andelin, 5, Austin, 3 and Alyssa, 3 months. We were unaware of Alyssa’s diagnosis until the day she was born. On Tuesday, October 26th, we went in to the hospital and Provo planning to have our baby. An ultrasound changed everything and within an hour we were rushed up to Primary Children's for another ultrasound due to complications with our baby's heart. Once there it was determined that baby most likely had a chromosomal abnormality in addition to the heart problems and was no longer growing and it was time for her to come out by c-section. They sent us over to the U of U hospital and I gave birth to little Alyssa Maree at 9:20 pm. She was 4 lbs 1 oz and 16 1/4 inches long. She was immediately admitted to the NICU. The next day was a scary day b/c she would stop breathing every few minutes. However, since then she has proven to be a fighter. She still has numerous apnea episodes every day and so every day is a challenge, but we love her. She is a beautiful baby with a beautiful spirit and we've only begun to understand how she will touch our lives."

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  1. I will pray. She is beautiful.

  2. Thank you Julie. You are a sweetheart.


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