Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pitiful Walt

Walt is a sweet, easy-going little man, but when he doesn't feel well it can break your heart. He frowned so hard that he gave me the eyebrow raised look that Magdalena used to give me. After his symptoms of cough, congestion, and fever worsened, we called the doctor who told us to go into a clinic for a doctor to hear his chest. Pneumonia is going around, and he wanted to be sure that it wasn't it. Thankfully, it wasn't, but he does have the flu. So along with medicine, he is eating lots of Popsicles and drinking juice. He was a trooper unlike his mommy. When he gets sick enough to where I have to go to the doctor, my worst fear is brought to the surface. It sounds irrational because it is, but my fear is that I will have say goodbye to another child. Giving Walt and this fear to God is so hard, but in order for me to truly live I must do that. This situation definitely brought it to the surface for Noah to see too. I think that he thought I was about to lose it as we quickly rushed out the door to the clinic. My man is so patient with me. I think that I have always known this fear, but now I really need to be praying about it. As you are reading this, please, pray that God will keep Noah healthy. I have cleaned everything imaginable because him getting sick while in school would have tremendous negative effects.

Walt at the doctor's office

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  1. So sad that he isn't feeling well. I will pray that he feels better soon, that Noah stays well & that God will comfort & ease your mind. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do. Love & miss you.

  2. Sweet Walt. Praying that he will recover QUICKLY and that you and Noah will stay well. It's not an irrational fear. This life is fleeting and I think every parent has those fears once in a while, but because you have already lived it, it is more real to you. I'll be praying that God comforts you as you realize and work with these fears...


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