Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pitiful Walt - Part 2

Walt goes back and forth between miserable and almost content. We have watched A LOT of Baby Einstein today. I made him a little pallet with his blanket and pillow, which he enjoyed. Although he is not eating and drinking as he normally would, he will nibble a little here and there while drinking his juice.
We are using a lot of antibacterial wipes and spray to get the germs out of the house! And God blessed us with a beautiful day, so we opened up the doors to get some fresh air running through the house. It was even warm enough to sit on the back porch in our rocking porch. God gave us a beautiful sun today! Yay!

Walt eating his little popsicle

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  1. Hope that he gets to feeling better very soon. He is so very cute, even when sick!

  2. Sunshine is so good for so many different reasons. Glad y'all got to enjoy it! The good news is that they younger a child is, the more quickly they tend to recover from something like the flu, as long as they are otherwise healthy. Addie had it when she was three. It ran it's course in three days, and then left the rest of us sick for almost two weeks! Oh to be young again!


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