Monday, December 07, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Romans 8:32 He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?

Even with all of the blessings I am surrounded with, I shouldn't have to be reminded that God continually gives us much more than we deserve. But I do have to be reminded. God gave us his son so that we may be eternally with him. Shouldn't I be willing to give him my children? I am going to have to daily, no, hourly, give Walt to him. Worry that I will lose him too can sometimes be crippling.

One evening when trying to put Magdalena in her boppy swing to go to bed for the night, we laid her on our bed while we got all of her equipment settled. It was at that moment we realized that she liked lying in our bed. In fact, she had this look on her face like she was not planning to move! While trying to get ready one Sunday morning we put Walt on the bed too, and he enjoyed it just as much as Magdalena did. Look at this face!

I am trying to improve my auntie skills. It has been easy for me to be consumed with all that I was dealing with I forgot to be involved with my nieces, who act as sisters to my children. They are too young to understand, so it would hard to apologize to them, but I can be there more. And so far they have opened their arms up to me and made my heart swell because they were excited to see me at their special events. Children are very forgiving and don't always need a reason. Here is Laura (furthest to the right) as she performs in her Thanksgiving skit.
This was my first time to meet Kim, who does a lot to be sure my sweet Laura is cared for at her little school. She came over to meet Walt because she met both him and Magdalena through the blog and have loved them both. I always enjoy meeting these special people who love my children.
My little indian stopped to take a picture with her Boo! She looks and acts just like her mommy.
Here is a proud Mimi taking a picture with Walt and Laura. She is really the ultimate Mimi, and it is definitely her calling in life. You will see her driving around in her van with sometimes all of the grandkids! She loves every minute of it.
Laura and Landon came to see Boo and Walt. Laura loves Walt, but Landon isn't so sure, yet. He is wondering when Walt will be able to play some football with him.
Gigi is trimming Walt's fingernails for the first time. This has been Gigi's special time with both Magdalena and Walt. She is a great aunt!
Noah, Walt, and I had a big day the Monday before Thanksgiving. We set off early that morning for our family day of fun. First, we spent the morning at Grandmom's house (Walt's great-grandmother) where we had coffee and visited. Then, we ate lunch at a sandwich shop, and afterwards we strolled around the little shopping center. This picture is what Walt did the entire time! He took our outing to mean a good time for a nap!
The next day Walt had his check-up visit at the doctor's office where he weighed in at 11 pounds 8 ounces for his two month visit! Here he is naked except for a diaper waiting on the doctor to come in the room. He is just so happy to be there!
Taking his medicine like a champ and still smiling! I think he is getting used to the camera.
After the doctor's visit we met Mimi and Papa to go see Walt's first movie, The Blind Side. Great movie! You can tell Walt enjoyed it through the back of his eyelids.
Walt was dressed up for Christmas on Thanksgiving day. I was hoping to get a good family picture for our Christmas card. He is ready to go and eat some turkey! We went to Mimi and Papa's house with the entire family for a little while, but we didn't stay through lunch. It was a really emotional day, and I just needed it to be the three of us. Noah and I came back to the house and played a game of scrabble. It helped me to not have to fully acknowledge that it was a holiday.
We did return later to the Thanksgiving festivities. I was glad to have had the time to cry and get it out of my system so that I could fully enjoy being with my family and Walt on his first Thanksgiving. Here is Emma feeding Walt his turkey and dressing.
Caroline and Emma enjoyed this special time with Walt while Caroline read a book out loud.

Papa and Walt after a long Thanksgiving day. Walt likes his turkey pjs.
A few days after Thanksgiving Uncle Adam and Aunt Melissa came to visit, and Walt definitely gave them a lot of sweet faces, but what else could he give?

We take a picture like this to show Walt's growth, and here are two of his two month shots. He weighs 11 pounds 8 ounces. He is smiling at his daddy because they were sticking their tongues out at each other!


  1. It looks like he is growing more and more every day. What a happy baby! I'm looking forward to some good snuggle time with him on Saturday.

  2. He is such a beautiful baby! He looks like he has such a sweet disposition.

  3. Oh man ..he's such a cutie pie :) Happy Holiday's

  4. Such a sweet baby! Merry Christmas to you all.

  5. What a little man! I loved looking at all of his smiling pictures. :)

  6. what a handsome boy! Happy Holidays to you and your precious family!



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