Sunday, December 20, 2009

An Important Day

Last weekend was a big time for our family, especially Walt. The weekend began with him getting to spend a couple of hours with his Loli, his first babysitter! He stayed with her while Noah and I went to our Sunday School Christmas party. Just look at his face! You can tell that he was having a good time!

The next morning Noah and I picked up a friend of mine from college, Kim, and her husband, Ryan, from the airport. They flew in to see Walt be baptized in the church. It was definitely an amazing day to celebrate Walt being in the covenant family. While we have friends and family of other persuasions, we wanted to very briefly explain in part why we believe in baptizing infants. We do not believe that baptism saves anybody by itself, but we are saved only by a continual faith (trust) in Christ alone, which is a gift of God. We believe that baptism is a “sign of the covenant” which is part of the New Covenant established in Christ in a similar way that circumcision functioned under the Old Covenant. It is a setting apart of the child to God and a commitment of the family and body of Christ to commit to raising the child in Christ.

I was baptized as an adult along with the rest of my family, and Magdalena wore a white dress so small that it was made only for her to wear, so I didn't have a Baptism gown. The week before Walt was due I found this sweet gown that I hope to use with the rest of my children. I like the idea that the sales clerk gave me to sew the initials and date of the person who wore it in the inside of the gown. I love keepsakes that can be passed down from one generation to the next, and I hope that this can be one of them.
I didn't realize this before I had children, but my family likes to have individual shots with the most important person of the day. Maybe you realized this before me?

Gigi and Walt

Kim, me, Aimee (my freshman year roommate), and her daughter, Arin
I love being able to share these special times with old friends, and it meant so much that they drove in to celebrate with us!

Kiki (Kim) and her husband Ryan posing with Walt

Mimi, Papa, and Walt

Uncle Stephen, Loli, and Walt

And of course, our family doesn't like to celebrate without one of Loli's cakes!

Previously, I wrote that Walt had his hand prints put on an ornament, so I wanted to share those. I think that the picture does not really show how cute it is, but you can get the general idea.


  1. Blessings to you baby Walt.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Linda from Texas

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas - I know it will be mixed with love and grief - love to you across the Cyber miles.

  3. congratulations on Walt's dedication/Baptism. Am I seeing correctly that you have a new haircut Julie? I like it!
    I was thinking so much of the new families I'd "cyber-met" this year and sending you warm Christmas wishes; I know it was such a hard day in many ways, and you're a good set of parents to do all you can to make it wonderful for Walt.

  4. Walt is so beautiful! I haven't been able to stop in for a while but it is great to get a glimpse of your family. We didn't have our babies baptized but did do a similar dedication ceremony. I really like how you explained the baptizism of infants. I've never looked at it that way before. I love the idea of ceremonies and rights of passage...especially pertaining to our faith.
    God Bless you and yours this season.
    p.s Walt reminds me of his sister in so many of the pictures. You can sure tell they are siblings.


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