Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures of Walt - Day 1

Julie just before being wheeled into the operating room!

Julie with Dr. C just before meeting Walt

Noah all ready to meet Walt with Jennifer (Gigi) and Lori (Loli)

Walt's big introduction to the world!

Proud Daddy!

Beautiful Little Guy

Walt showing off in the nursery for all the ladies

Julie gets to hold Walt for the first time!

Our wonderful nurse Karla handing Walt over to Julie in her own room

Little Walt and his sweet Mimi

Our pastor Ken Pierce came by to meet Walt

Catching a quick nap

Gigi and Walt

Loli finally getting to hold Walt!

Walt and Daddy

Our dear Friend Kim getting to hold Walt

Kimberly's husband, Ryan, and Walt

Walt finally gets to meet his cousins (left to right): Emma, Landon, Laura and Caroline

Walt and his uncle Stephen


  1. I'm soooo excited - please give Julie a HUGE hug for me and tell her I'll take a picture to show Grethel tomorrow...

  2. Congratulations!!!

  3. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Congratulations! For all you have been through, no one deserves to have a wonderful healthy baby than the two of you! He is beautiful! Enjoy~
    Heather from Canada

  4. Oh Julie! I just love the pictures...you are so blessed.

  5. Kameron Ball8:48 AM

    Julie and Noah -

    That baby boy is TOO cute! He's a big boy...which means he'll be a good sleeper. :) Give him lots of kisses from your friends at RCSD. Can't wait to squeeze on him. We love you all.

  6. Thank you so much for posting these wonderful pictures!

    Walt you are so precious and adorable!

    Julie you look gorgeous - before and after (!) Walt's birth!!!
    Noah looks like the happiest dad in the world.

    So fun to see everyone loving on your adorable baby boy. So excited for you!

    Praying for a quick recovery for you, Julie and all of God's blessing to reign on your beautiful family.

  7. He is just beautiful! Congratulations! I will pray for a speedy recovery. Enjoy your baby boy!

  8. He's such a big healthy looking boy! And so handsome! I'm so happy for you!!

  9. Anonymous1:37 PM

    How precious! I am so happy for you all!


  11. what a great update! I'm so happy for ya'll!!

    Lori looks like she has lost a lot of weight!! Congrats to her!!

    Praying for a good C-Section recovery and happy newborn milestones!!

  12. Absolutely beautiful...I've been waiting for his arrival and am glad to see that everyone is happy and healthy. Can't wait to hear more about him - congratulations!

  13. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Congratulations, Walt is absolutely beautiful. I know Magdalena is looking down on the three of you and so proud to be a big sister.

  14. These pictures are just too precious for words. I am so happy for y'all and your whole family. Enjoy every moment! Through this blog, that's exactly what you've led me to do. What a blessing!

  15. Amazing!

  16. Congratulations, Julie & Noah! Walt is a beautiful baby and I know you are so grateful to the Lord for this special treasure!! Come to Hattiesburg soon so we can see Walt in person :-)

  17. Many congratulations to you all on the birthday of your beautiful son. I know Magdalena is similing down on you all and spreading her love around her little brother.

  18. So wonderful to get to see Walt online. He looks so beautifully big and healthy!! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself on your blog.


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