Saturday, September 05, 2009

Mimi loves Walt

We all know how much Mimi loves all of her grandkids, and each of them is spoiled in different ways. Look how she is already spoiling Walt. She wanted to be sure that he had special paintings made just for him when he came home. She came over and hung them on the wall too!

It is so hard to see all of the details, but Papa insisted that there should be a ladybug in the picture, so she put one on the tip of the lion's tail and to the right of the elephant. Mimi saw this particular elephant on a bag that someone gave me at a shower, and instantly knew she wanted to paint it!


  1. So cute! Does Mimi sell her paintings? If not, for sure she should!

    Walt will feel very special and welcomed in his new room.

    Hope you are as comfortable as possible as little Walt becomes big Walt growing and gaining weight under your heart!

    God bless you as you wait...

  2. It's almost time to meet Walt....I have been thinking about you wishes.

    Linda from Texas

  3. hey girlie! Thinking of ya'll!


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